Average Swimming Pool Cleaning Prices: Monthly And Yearly

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There’s nothing like having your own pool to cool off in on a hot day. Regular maintenance, however, is a less satisfying component of pool ownership, and one that many homeowners choose to outsource. The cost of pool cleaning services depends on the size of the pool, the condition of the pool, the local market, and how often cleaning is performed. If a technician finds broken pool components, budget extra for repair or replacement.

The maintenance of a pool is quite a tedious work and needs proper overall cleaning to extend the pool’s lifespan. It is especially true with the scrubbing to clean the tiles and walls which can take up a lot of the time. The maintenance of the water quality, filter system, and chemical composition are also necessary and complicated.

How Much Pool Cleaning Cost?

How Much Pool Cleaning Cost?

Sometimes, you just need to trust an expert. The swimming pool is a great way to cool off in the summer season. They are contaminated with lotions, cosmetics, dirt, urine, and more, making them a toxic and unsafe place to swim.

If not properly maintained or cleaned, the swimming pool becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Besides cleaning the pool yourself, a pool owner need to hire a professional pool cleaning service Henderson either weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Pool maintenance cost varies depending on several factors like the type and size of the swimming pool, cleaning services, and pool cleaning packages.

The national average range for pool maintenance stands anywhere between $90-$270. Pool cleaning cost is usually higher in the summer, most homeowners pay around $180 for maintenance. The minimum cost for weekly pool services is about $50. One-time or annual cleaning is expensive and may cost around $1850.

Weekly Pool Cleaning Cost

Weekly pool maintenance cost ranges from $20 to $50, it includes services cost of checking pH levels, cleaning the filters, putting in chemicals, removing debris, washing walls, emptying skimmer basket, and inspecting any malfunctioned equipment. Weekly pool cleaning varies for a pool cleaning guy and a professional pool maintenance service.

Monthly Pool Cleaning Cost

The basic monthly pool maintenance care cost around $30 to $90. Monthly pool cleaning tasks ensure to resolve the problem before it takes roots. If the problem persists, schedule weekly or bi-weekly maintenance. Monthly pool cleaning services cover cleaning multiple pool parts, repairing leaks and cracks, cleaning filters with chemicals, checking equipment, and lubricating fillings.

Annual Pool Cleaning Cost

Yearly pool cleaning cost varies every year and expect this type of pool maintenance to be expensive. It happens once a year and the professionals thoroughly clean the pool, so, the annual rate ranges between $950 to $1850. Most homeowners get a good deal around $1450. This yearly cost includes opening, maintenance, cleaning, closing costs, chemicals, home insurance, replacing system parts, and materials.

Average Cost Of Different Types of Pool

Average pool cleaning costs fluctuate depending on the type of pool, some pool requires less regular maintenance than the others. Let’s break down the hourly rate for different types of pools.

Saltwater Pool – Average $25 to $40 per hour

Indoor Pool –     Average $25 to $50 per hour

In-Ground Pool – Average $65 to $95 per hour

Above-Ground Pool – Average $60 to $95 per hour

Chlorine Pool – Average $65 to $125 per hour

Pool Cleaning Cost (Labor + Material)

The average pool cleaning cost starts from $60 and goes up to hundreds and thousands of dollars owing to different factors. Here is how much a pool owner has to pay for different types of cleaning.

Regular Pool Filters Cleaning – $60 to $65

Cleaning Clogged Pool Drains – $60 to $125

Brushing Pool Floors & Sides –  $80 to $90

Vacuuming Pool – $80 to $90

Chlorine Wash – $300 to $500

Acid Wash – $350 to $550

Pool Cleaning in Winter – $350 to $650

Pool Cleaning in Spring – $375 to $500

In a nutshell,

To make the pool a safer, non-toxic place for swimming, pool cleaning by professional services is a must. If you want a clean pool right in time for the summer.

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