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Install a CPR sign. This must be a minimum of 30cm X 30cm and be put up somewhere that is clearly visible from anywhere within the pool area (we usually suggest installing the CPR sign near the shallow end of the pool because this is the most likely place a victim will be taken to in the event of an emergency).

Check that gates providing access to the pool area are “self-closing” and lock by themselves from any position along their arc of operation.

The height of your pool fence must be at least 1200 mm.
The distance from the bottom of your fence to permanent stable ground must be no greater than 100 mm.

Remove climbable objects within the Non-Climbable Zone. This is an imaginary zone which extends 900mm away from and 1200mm down from the top of your pool fence.

Remove or trim away any branches which a child may use to climb over the pool safety barrier.

Security screens must be installed on windows/louvers that provide direct access to the pool area or V-Hinges screwed into the window tracks so that windows/louvers cannot open more than 100mm.