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If you are considering adding a swimming pool and spa combo, you have many options and design choices to consider. An attached spa does so much for you and your pool. It not only enhances your swimming pool design but also gives you a relaxing space in which to unwind after a vigorous swim.

Careful planning is an essential first step to any building project, and pools and spas are no exception. A site must be carefully chosen, budgetary and legal restrictions taken into account, decisions that need to be tackled before your pool or spa becomes a reality.

Read This Before You Start Building a Swimming Pool and Spa for Your Home

If you want to get a pool and spa only because your colleague, best friend, or sister got one, you might want to rethink the decision. A swimming pool and spa is a major investment that requires planning, construction, and maintenance. It’s not the kind of investment you make impulsively to keep up with your neighbor.

Read This Before You Start Building a Swimming Pool and Spa for Your Home

Building a Swimming Pool and Spa for Your Home

A swimming pool will radically change the landscape of your home’s exterior. You want it to also change you and your family’s lifestyle for the better by adding one more way to have fun and exercise. As with most other major developments on your real estate property, building a pool and spa usually costs more than you had set out. So you better be prepared.

Your Reasons for Getting the Pool Should Guide Your Pool Design Choice

Give your decision to build a pool some thought. Share it with your partner and even your whole family to find out what their thoughts are about it. Let everyone share their reasons for wanting the pool or an alternative lifestyle investment they would prefer. Most of the time, everyone will be thrilled. Keeping all household members in the loop ensures you have support.

You also need to think about what you want to use the pool for. Did your physician recommend swimming for therapeutic purposes? Do you want the pool for swimming laps? Are you planning on using it the pool area to host gathering and parties?

Different pool designs cater to different needs so make sure you first identify your needs before you start building. Once you know exactly why you want a pool, you can start shopping around and looking at the numerous designs available.

One of the obvious places to research pool designs is sites owned by a professional pool and spa builders. In addition to searching for pool designs on Google, use Pinterest as it can be useful for viewing the pools right away without reading to an entire article. As much as possible, try and visit some pools in person to get a good idea of how they look like in real life.

The bigger your property, the more options you will have available for your pool design. But even if space is limited, there’s no shortage of swimming pool and spa designs that you can implement. You and your contractor might need to exercise some creativity to make the pool work in your limited outdoor space.

Hiring the Best Pros Pays In the End

As you look for swimming pool designs that fit your needs and those of your family, keep your budget mind. Remember that a swimming pool, like other major renovations, may end up costing substantially more than you had planned. So leave allowance for this as you set aside funds for the project.

The key to getting the right pool is striking the delicate balance between getting fully qualified and highly experienced pool builders to do the job and saving as much as you can on the cost of building the pool.

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