How Much Is A Pool Safety Certificate in QLD

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How Much Is A Pool Safety Certificate in Qld?

2022 – Qld Government fee for Pool Safety Certificate is $41.75.  A certificate of compliance is required for any spa or pool to ensure a compliant pool barrier.

A Pool Safety Inspector is required in order to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate. The inspector will inspect the whole pool. This inspection involves checking for compliance with all barriers and gates.

Total Pool Safety Solutions is a QBCC-licensed Pool Safety Inspector. Our licensed builders and experienced pool inspectors are also available.

This industry experience ensures that we are qualified to inspect and certify your pool.

We can help with everything, from swimming pools in a resort or a backyard pool above ground to small-scale residential projects. Get your pool safety inspection now.

What is the Cost of a Pool Safety Inspection?

For a pool of average size, the cost to inspect a pool is $149.00 plus GST.

Total Pool Safety Solutions endeavours to reduce costs so that we can pass on the savings to you, the pool owner.

We will issue the Pool Safety Certificate once you have established a swimming pool that is compliant. The Pool Safety Certificate will be issued by us to you free of charge.

It is mandatory that your pool be listed on the Qld Pool Safety Register before a certificate for a pool can be issued. We will inspect your pool when you make an appointment with us. We will register your pool if necessary.

Our state-of-the art equipment allows us to streamline the inspection without compromising on quality.

We are here to assist pool owners in ensuring that their pool is compliant and safe so there is less chance of an unfortunate accident.

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Click here to request a Pool Safety Certificate.

How long does a pool safety certificate last in Qld?

According to QBCC the current regulations… pool safety certificates are valid for one year for a shared pool and two years for a non-shared pool. They are generally issued following the inspection process on the day of your pool safety inspection, if you have a compliant pool barrier. Shared pools require annual inspections to ensure compliance is maintained particularly as a common use pool area. Pool gates and pool fences are thoroughly inspected for strength and rigidity to ensure you compliance certificate will be promptly issued.

How much is a pool safety certificate?

The Qld Government charge $41.75. for a Certificate of Compliance for your pool or spa. To obtain a Pool Safety Certificate, you are required to engage a Pool Safety Inspector as part of the pool safety laws. The cost of the pool safety certificate should be factored into the pool safety inspection cost.

What is a pool safety certificate?

The pool safety certificate verifies your pool complies and your pool fencing meets all safety standards. … You must get a certificate of safety for your pool, whether you’re selling, leasing, or living on your property. A pool safety certificate is not issued at a pre inspection of a pool inspection so the cost will vary depending on the size and number of gates etc.

When is a pool inspection needed?

Three situations call for a safety inspection of a pool:

After building a pool,

Selling your house

If you rent or lease your property

Before selling the property, the pool safety inspection usually takes place If this is not possible, a notice of no pool safety certificate or an equivalent must be submitted. The certificate must be issued within the 90-day period of final settlement.

Pool Safety inspections must be performed every time a tenant moves into your property, whether you rent or lease it. Inspections may be required in certain cases, like apartments or condominiums to ensure you are meeting the pool safety regulations.

Can you sell a house without a pool safety certificate QLD?

You can either sell an apartment or unit with a shared swimming pool with or without a pool safety certificate. … If you are not providing a pool safety certificate you will need to give the copy of Form 36-notice that there is no pool safety certificate to your buyer prior to entering a contract of sale.

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