How To Extend Your Swimming Season With A Pool Heater

By November 12, 2020Pool Safety

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The only time you want to see green water in your pool is on Christmas Eve. And thanks to some creative lighting and a pool heater, this family will be enjoying a festive dip in their heated pool before opening their holiday gifts. When the average daily temperature is still at or above 100 degrees here in the Valley of the Sun, it can be hard to imagine why anyone would spend the money on equipment to heat their pool. Or maybe you purchased a home that did not have a heater for the swimming pool, and you just never got around to remedying that problem. But as we head into October, you will begin to see the wisdom in this investment. However, by then, you will have little time to put a plan into action and have a warm pool to enjoy over the winter months. So do your best to think cold thoughts as you consider your three options for extending the use of your swimming pool for winter use.

How To Extend Your Swimming Season

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