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The skimmer is a device located on the side of the pool that helps to remove debris from the water. It consists of a basket that collects leaves and other small objects, and a pump that circulates the water through the filter. The skimmer is an important part of the pool system because it helps to keep the water clean and free of debris. Without a skimmer, the pool would quickly become clogged with leaves and other organic matter, which would create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. In addition, the skimmer helps to circulate the water, which ensures that all areas of the pool are evenly chlorinated. As a result, the skimmer is an essential part of any swimming pool.

The Skimmer – An Important Part of the Swimming Pool

A swimming pool requires many moving parts and devices to keep it running optimally. Understanding the basic parts of a pool and how it works will help protect your investment in the long run. Amongst these parts, the skimmer plays an important role when it comes to filtering your pool’s water.

What is the Purpose of Having Pool Skimmers?

Pool skimmers are in every pool and are considered essential features.  You can have multiple skimmers or just one; it all depends on the size of the oasis.  In-ground skimmers are rectangular openings located on the side of a pool.

Its function is to help pull the water and absorb it into its filter system.  Approximately 1/8 inch of water goes into the skimmer to remove elements such as hair, sunscreen, and leaves before they sink to the bottom.  It happens without most swimmers even noticing because the suction is so discreet.

Replacing a pool pump can be very costly, so maintaining your pool skimmer is significant.  Debris and chemicals will not remove appropriately from your pool without a working skimmer.  It increases the risk of a cloudy pool and algae growth.  In addition, your pool pump is prone to wear and tear and will likely need to be replaced long before the manufacturer’s recommended date if your skimmers are not functioning properly.

Pool Skimmer Components Pool Skimmer and Maintenance

Pool skimmers come in different sizes and vary in performance depending on which model you choose.  However, regardless of which brand of skimmer you install, they all have the following parts:

  • The Lid:  A visible component of the skimmer that prevents larger particles from entering the pool’s circulation system.  It helps you not to dip into the skimmer basket often.
  • The Opening: Located inside the pool, it helps draw water and debris in and filters through the opening.
  • The Weir: A weir is a swinging flap located inside the skimmer opening that rotates with the water flow.  Its primary purpose is to prevent debris from flowing back into the pool.  When turning off the pool pump, the weir deftly moves to a closed position, preventing waste from re-entering the pool.
  • The Skimmer Basket: The strainer basket collects debris before pulling the water into your pump.  It is an essential part of the skimmer because debris will clog and damage your filtration system without the basket.
  • The Suction Line: The suction line connects to the skimmer basket and drives the power of the skimmer.
  • The Balance Line: It prevents the skimmer from drawing in air when the water level has dropped below the main inlet.

How to Maintain the Skimmer

Cleaning your skimmer can help keep it functioning optimally and prevent unnecessary damage to your pool’s filtration system.  A clogged skimmer basket can also cause your pump to work harder to circulate the water, ultimately shortening the life of the seals and the pump itself.

Maintaining your skimmer is easy if you follow the steps below:

  • Turn off the pool pump.
  • Remove the cover of the skimmer.
  • Remove the skimmer basket to empty the contents.
  • Put the basket back into the skimmer.
  • Replace the skimmer lid and repeat the process with the other skimmers, if any.
  • Once finished, turn the pool pump back on.

It would help in cleaning the skimmer basket at least once or twice a week to keep your pool clean and your equipment working optimally.

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