Pool Alarms: Why to Compromise With the Safety?

By October 15, 2020Pool Safety

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Even the most attentive swimming pool owners need some backup while striving to keep their backyard safe for children and pets. Let’s face it, young kids and your furry friends sometimes need extra oversight to keep out of harm’s way.

That’s why it’s a smart move to bolster protection with a pool alarm. These devices can warn you immediately when unexpected movement occurs in and around your swimming pool or spa.

Benefits of Having a Pool Alarm

Vigilance is the best way to prevent your loved ones from drowning, but a pool alarm saves lives. A pool alarm is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children, pets or anyone falls into your unsupervised pool.

Pool alarms are available in various types. Here are the benefits of these life-saving gadgets:

In-ground Swimming Pool Alarm:

The in-ground swimming pool alarm has some of the greatest features such as sleep mode. Simply set the alarm to sleep mode and enjoy the pool. When you are done swimming, reset the alarm. The in-ground pool alarm features a tamper-proof alarm, the alarm will actually sound when it has been taken out of the water. This Pool Alarm has a new technology, as it allows the alarm to detect far less false alarms than any other pool safety alarm. Some of these false alarms can include wind, rain, sticks and small toys that sometimes fall into the swimming pool.

Floating Wave Sensor in Pool Alarms:

These pool alarms are key-activated, battery powered, portable in-pool alarms which are mounted on the edge of the pool or in the pool. These alarms sense water displacement when an object weighing more than fifteen pounds enters the pool. The signal received by the alarm is sent to a remote receiver which is either in the home or carried by the adult. The receiver emits an alarm of approximately 85 decibels. These alarms can be used with pool covers or solar blankets and have an adjustment that can reduce their sensitivity.

Wireless Voice Alarms:

These are talking wireless security voice alarm systems, with multiple uses such as community pools and campsites. These all-weather devices set up quickly and possess a long range. The voice alarm gets triggered by movement, and when the in-home unit is activated you’re alerted by your personal recorded message. Two to three sensors, each with its own message, can be used per in-home receiver. These cover a 140-square-yard area and instantly inform you when children have entered the pool area.

Pool-mounted Passive Infrared Motion Detector Pool Alarms:

The above type of pool alarm is the newest in the market, which provides all features found in any another life-saving pool alarms. This device is a key-operated unit which runs on batteries or a DC power adapter and has a 24-hour warning signal for low battery power. Installed to give a pulsating, 110-decibel micro siren, this is also the loudest alarm available in the market and can be heard 50 yards away. This alarm simultaneously detects both motion and heat of anyone passing by and will not give any false readings for inanimate objects. These alarms cover an 8.5-yard radius and a 150-degree area. The pool-mounted passive infrared motion detector protects all children before they get wet and also keeps your pool equipment safe from theft.

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