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Total Safety Pool Inspections Sinnamon Park?

If you are leasing, purchasing or selling a residential or commercial property and require a pool inspections Sinnamon Park expert to help you obtain pool certification and receive a safety certificate,– your in the right place.  We can give you the necessary information and guidance to help you get your safety certificate efficiently and with the minimum of hassle.

From the 1st December 2010, all swimming pools on regulated land in Queensland are required, at the time of sale or lease of their property, to have a pool safety inspection conducted by a licensed pool safety inspector and be issued with a pool safety certificate stating that the pool complies with the new pool safety laws and standards.

pool inspections sinnamon park
As licensed pool safety inspectors, Total Pool Safety Solutions provides certified inspections offering variety of services. This includes pre-purchase pool inspections as well as pool safety certificates and consultations.

Our trouble-free pool safety inspection service can provide you with practical, quality advice if you are not compliant with the current pool safety legislation. We offer fixed pricing that is not only competitive, there are no hidden fees or charges. You will also appreciate the pre-inspection checklist that we provide free of charge. It will help you to identify any common issues that may be a problem. It will also point you in the right direction if you need any work done on the pool before you have the safety inspection completed.

The pool area should be more than a fun place to spend some time; it should also be safe. When you think about how many children die in swimming pool drowning accidents, which is a major reason why children under 5 die, it becomes obvious that safety also needs to be a consideration. Some of the things you can do along with the safety inspection are to learn CPR and to provide adult supervision. It is also important for adults to know how to swim. Book your pool safety inspection in Sinnamon Park today.

Why Choose Us As Your Pool Safety Inspection Company Sinnamon Park?

First of all, we are a fixed price guarantee pool inspection company and we never hide fees or charges in the estimate. That’s right, you will get your price with nothing additional added and no surprises

pool certification sinnamon park

Friendly, fast and professional – We guarantee to have the inspection done by the end of the next business day and you will always deal with the owner of the business.

Owned and operated locally – Our pool inspection company do not use sub-contractors. As a local business, you are our priority.

APSIC Certified and Trained – When you use us, you are using a professional pool inspection company that has all government requirements for safety inspectors of swimming pools.

Free checklist for pre-inspection – There may be a number of problems, and we provide you with a list of those common problems prior to the time we do the safety inspection.  Download your checklist by clicking here.

Complete inspection of the pool area and surrounding area (including the safety barrier) – We provide a professional pool safety inspection. It includes a nonconformity report that would outline any issues if your pool was not in compliance.

Certificates issued within a day of inspection – Once you have obtained a successful inspection, we will issue the certificate within 24 hours. At that point, it will be on the pool safety register and you will be mailed a copy. In addition, we will send copies to your real estate agent, property manager or legal advisor if needed.

Great pricing – We offer the highest standards of service and still keep our pricing competitive. Unlike other pool inspection companies we offer fixed pricing and the lowest rates.

Inspections for pre-purchase – Knowing that the pool meets the standards can make you feel better about buying a home with a pool. We provide a complete inspection of the pool and associated equipment before you make the purchase.

Confirming pool safety – Even if you are not selling or leasing the property, we can still come out and confirm that the barrier and pool meet current safety standards. This is perfect for those who are curious and want to provide the safest swimming experience possible.

pool safety inspections sinnamon park

Our Pre-Inspection Checklist – How To Inspect A Pool

You may be wondering how to inspect a pool if you are needing a pool inspection for home purchase.  Check out the information below so that you know what do pool inspectors look for.  They provide and excellent guide to work from to avoid any unexpected delays in receiving your safety certificate.

You can download our pre-inspection checklist and will have access to the most common issues that are found during safety inspections.

You can also download a pool safety checklist provided by QBCC by clicking here.
It allows you to see in advance if any work is necessary on the pool so it can be done in advance of the safety inspection. This helps you to pass on the first inspection and avoid any fees for a secondary inspection.

This pre-inspection checklist provides a guideline of pool safety for customers who are using Queensland Pool Solutions. On the checklist, you will find the most common issues that we find on our safety inspections. This list is not designed to be a substitute for an actual inspection by a safety inspector who is licensed. The full scope of what may be required by current laws is not covered.

Consultative Inspections of Pools:

A pool safety certificate is not typically needed if you are not leasing or selling your home in Sinnamon Park. Since November 30, 2015, it was required that you meed the current safety standards for pools. Our consultative inspections of pools provide you with peace of mind. During this inspection, we come to your property and check both the pool safety and the compliance of the pool barrier to ensure they meet current safety standards. After the inspection takes place, we provide a letter to give written confirmation that the pool is compliant or, if needed, to show what is non-compliant and give some options for fixing the situation. This is a good idea if you don’t need a safety certificate but want to ensure that it is safe.

Pre-Purchase Inspections of Pools:

If you are buying a property that includes a spa or pool, you can feel better about it by using our pre-purchase pool inspection service in Sinnamon Park.

Pool Inspections Sinnamon Park:

Only $129
+ Safety Certificate ($40)

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